SICAS 2021

SICAS 2021

The Workshop on Satellite Information Convergence Application Service (SICAS2021) The workshop is to solicit any papers related on satellite information, small antenna, satellite image processing and so on.

Call for Papers

Recently, various business for military and civil areas using satellite are took spotlight. This workshop aims to study from satellite system to satellite information application. We invite you to discuss with many researchers at the workshop on Satellite Information Convergence Application Service (SICAS) 2021.

Technical Topics
The topics are as follows (but not limited to):
  • Satellite
  • Small/micro antenna
  • Satellite image processing/application
  • Business model using satellite information


Main Organizer
  • Prof. Jae-Hyun Kim (Ajou University)
Technical Program Committee
  • Prof. Jae-Hyun Kim (Ajou University)
  • Prof. Hoeseok Yang (Ajou University)
  • Prof. Yong Bae Park (Ajou University)
  • Prof. Jin Young Kim (Kwangwoon University)
  • Prof. Yoan Shin (Soongsil University)
  • Prof. Yong Seok Heo (Ajou University}
  • Prof. Duk-jin Kim (Seoul National University)
  • Prof. Jungho Im (UNIST)
  • Prof. Juyoung Kang (Ajou University}