Information for Presenters

Information for Presenters

Guideline for Technical Session Speakers

Oral Sessions
– Local Residents (Person who living in Korea) : On-Site Presentation / Online Live Presentation
– Foreigners (Person who live in outside of Korea) : Video submission
Poster Sessions
– Local Residents : Video submission
– Foreigners : Video submission

Oral Sessions

1. On-site presentation

1) Duration of the Presentation
Each session is basically assigned 100 minutes with 5 presentations, making 20 minutes per presentation. (*The presentation time can be changed according to the number of papers assigned.)

2) Equipment in Presentation Room
Each presentation room will have the beam projector and laptop computer running PowerPoint under MS Windows, equipped with USB port.

3) Preparation for Your Presentation Session
Bring a USB memory with your PowerPoint presentation and make sure that your file is copied on the laptop computer in the session room. Please show up 15 minutes before the actual session starts and introduce yourself to the session chair. Be prepared to give some bibliographic details about yourself to the chairperson so that he/she can introduce you before your presentation.

2. Online Presentation
An author of every accepted paper should make an oral presentation using ZOOM, a real-time online meeting platform, following the guidelines below.
1) Enter the online session room (ZOOM) on the conference day and make a real-time oral presentation according to the instruction of the Session Chair.
2) Presentation time is 15 to 20 minutes, and it may vary depending on the number of assigned papers per session.
3) The presenter uses the ZOOM sharing function to directly share his/her slides for the oral presentation.
3) Q&A can be conducted using the chat function in ZOOM.
4) Online session rooms will be available at the conference website on the conference day.
International Virtual Authors

Poster Sessions

– Video submission

Submission Guidelines of Pre-Recorded Video Presentation File

The poster session will be replaced by video submission, and please check the following.

– Presentation video playing time : 10 minutes
– Upload file formats: mp4, wmv, or avi (Maximum upload file size: 150MB)
– Video file submission deadline: October 15, 2021

– How to make the video: