Sub-THz/THz Communication for 6G

Sub-THz/THz Communication for 6G

Sub-THz or THz communication is envisioned as one of the key components for providing ultra-high capacity communications for 6G systems. In this workshop, sub-THz or THz communication and networking technologies, related implementation, and simulation methodologies will be covered.

Call for Papers

The radio spectrum above 50GHz can provide potential opportunities for huge bandwidths, and thus unprecedented increase in network capacity, beyond 5G systems. Moreover, sub-THz or THz communication systems are expected to be beneficial not only for traditional communications but also various new short-range applications such as intra- and inter-chip communications and bio or nano-scale internet of things.
However, a lot of technical challenges have to be addressed in order to successfully integrate sub-THz or THz communication components in 6G systems.
This special issue will present the most recent advances with respect to the fundamental sub-THz or THz communication techniques, related implementation issues, and simulation methodologies.


Technical Topics
Potential topics in this workshop include, but are not limited to:
  • Sub-THz or THz communication techniques
  • Protocols and networking for ultra-high freq. communications
  • Channel characteristics and modeling
  • Implementation and testbed
  • Simulation methodologies for ultra-high freq. communications
  • Application for Sub-THz or THz communications


Main Organizer
  • (Prof.) Sang-Woon Jeon (Hanyang University)
  • (Prof.) HyeonWoo LEE, (Dankook University)
  • (Dr.) HoonGeun Song (Korea Testing Laboratory)
Technical Program Committee
  • (Prof.) Sung Ho Chae (Kwangwoon University)
  • (Prof.) Hu Jin (Hanyang University)
  • (Dr.) Sung-Hun Lee (Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute(GERI))
  • (Dr.) Yong An Jung (Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute(GERI))